Circle cutting router jigs


SPARC Circle Cutting Router JIG

Attachment for Circular and Parallel Routing

Continuously adjustable from 7/8" to 12" Radius (1 3/4" to 24" Diameter)
10 mm impact resistant transparent polycarbonate baseplate (virtually indestructable)
Laser etched metric and imperial scales and crosshairs
Calibrated for 1/2" Cutter, allows Rapid Set-up
Choice of metric or imperial stainless steel slide bar
3 Types of centres provided, stainless or plated steel parts
Stainless steel fence included for parallel cutting
Use as a Substitute or Add-on Baseplate
Suitable for DeWalt/Elu, Hitachi, Makita, Porter Cable, Bosch and Ryobi Routers (see Further Information for details).

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Optional 12" Slide Bar increases maximum Radius to 18" (Diameter to 36")
Optional Attachable Mobile Centre for valuable surfaces
Optional Brass Pencil Retaining Compass and Divider Inserts

                         PATENT NO. 509085



* Subject to change depending on the exchange rate.

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