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It is recommended that you contact me with details of your router, in order to ascertain whether the standard jig will be suitable for your router, or whether you would require a customised jig. While we have endeavoured to cater for as many routers as possible, it is physically impossible to cover every brand/model. For this reason, we are prepared to provide a customising service for a limited time. The brands covered, but by no means comprehensive, are DeWalt/Elu, Hitachi, Makita, Porter Cable, Bosch and Ryobi.

There are three types of router mounting:
Type A routers have additional threaded holes which can be used for mounting the SPARC JIG as an Auxillary baseplate.
Type B requires the replacement of the current baseplate with the SPARC JIG.
Type T mounts are threaded holes on the baseplate for mounting template guides, are usually located close to the centre, and can be used for mounting the SPARC JIG. This is particularly useful if the SPARC JIG is to be used only temporarily.

Below is a list of the specific routers that may be immediately mounted on the JIG, together with the types of mountings provided: DeWalt DW621, DW625/Elu MOF177 (A,T); Hitachi TR12, M12V (B,T), TR8, M8V (T); Porter Cable PC7539, PC7529, PC7519*, PC7536* (B); Bosch GOF1300ACE (B), POF400 (A,T), POF500A (T); Makita 3612C, 3612, 3620 (B), 3601* (B); Ryobi R155, R500, R502 (T), RE600NA (T). SPARC JIG can be customised for all other routers. We welcome your specific queries via email.

The Custom SPARC JIG will be supplied either predrilled for your router, or as a blank for you to drill. The lead-time is 2 weeks. The locations of the existing list of routers will remain as 1 mm holes; so should you acquire one of the listed routers at a later date, the respective holes can be opened up for your new router. Custom Jigs are NON-RETURNABLE.

While these JIGS are recommended to be used with plunge routers, non-plunge routers can be used with care. DISCLAIMER: WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBLILTY FOR ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES THAT MAY OCCUR WHILE USING A NON-PLUNGE ROUTER WITH THE SPARC JIG.

As an INTRODUCTORY OFFER, the Standard and Deluxe SPARC JIG kits will be shipped BY FREE AIR INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE DELIVERY, while the optional accessories will incur a separate freight charge, unless ordered with a kit.

If you want to send me anything by mail, please "airmail" it to:

Shaka Scientific Ltd
P.O. Box 87-071
Auckland 1742
New Zealand.

All correspondence should include your name, address and email address. Please make sure all envelopes are securely sealed, especially self sealing envelopes. They are sometimes easy to peel open, so please tape across the seal as well.

Items can be sent to you by the following methods:

1. Air International - usually takes 4 to 10 days depending on the destination, but can take up to 3 weeks. There is compensation for loss or damage of up to $NZ250 by New Zealand Post.

2. Express International - can take up to 5 working days. Fully insured, but expensive. For example, to North America and Europe is $US16 for 500 grams.

Note: New Zealand Post have stopped their Registered Post service.

Payment for articles ordered off this website:

1. Visa or Mastercard. I prefer this method, as items can be despatched immediately the order is received. I will require the card number, expiry date and the name on the card.

2. Cash. Most denominations are acceptable by the banks here. I will wait until I receive the cash before despatching the goods.

3. Cheque. I will despatch the goods only after the cheque has been cleared. This may take up to 15 working days (3 weeks). Please make all cheques out to "Shaka Scientific Ltd".

4. International Money order. I will wait until I receive the money order before despatching the goods. I cannot accept money orders that are only negotiable in the country of origin and it's possessions. Please make all money orders out to "Shaka Scientific Ltd".

5. Bank transfer. I will wait until the money is deposited into my account before sending the goods and I will supply bank account details on request.

More on credit card payment:

On the day I send your items, I will charge your credit card the equivalent New Zealand dollars based on the exchange rate on the day. This value will appear on your card statement along with the value in your currency.

As at the 10th December 2007, the approximate exchange rates compared to 1 United States dollar were:

1.14 Australian dollars
0.49 British pounds
0.68 Euro
3.88 Israeli shekels
1.29 New Zealand dollars

Accurate rates can be found on the Oanda exchange calculator at www.oanda.com.

If you are not sure about sending your credit card number over the Internet, then you can use one of these methods:

1. Print and complete the Order Form and fax me the details at +64+9 521 5032. '64' in the country code for New Zealand, '9' is the city code for Auckland. We will be able to accept faxes between the hours 1200-2400 GMT, 0700-1900 (NY), 0400-1600 (LA), 2000-0800 (Singapore), 2200-1000 (Sydney). Please email me once you have sent the fax. Should you wish to send me a fax outside these hours, email me first.

2. Send me the details piecemeal over a number of days. For example, send me the first 4 numbers the first day, the third 4 numbers the next, etc, then tell me the order you have sent them.

3. Add a number to the credit card number and send me this number in a separate email. For example, add 0101010101010101 to your credit card number.

4. Shuffle the blocks of 4 numbers around. For example, if your number is 1234 5678 9012 3456, send me 1234 9012 3456 5678, then in a later email send me 1342 so I know which order you have sent the numbers.

Please remember that New Zealand is the first country to see the new day, and was the first to see the new millennium. In relation to other cities around the world, Auckland is:

20 hours ahead of Los Angeles
17 hours ahead of New York
12 hours ahead of London
4 hours ahead of Singapore
2 hours ahead of Sydney

Please email me with any queries you may have. I want to make your purchase as easy and pleasant as possible, for both of us.

Dr Allick Lal